Microbiological Analysis: 

Bioburden testing, microbial limit testing, water testing, Food and Beverage samples, sterility testing.


Environmental Monitoring: 

Air monitoring for viable particles, air monitoring for non-viable particles, surface monitoring.


Laboratory Consumables/ Labware

We supply laboratory consumables and plasticware such as:
Transport swabs, urine strips, N95 face masks, petri dishes, specimen jars, sharps containers, EDTA/plain/ herparin/ sodium citrate tubes, glucose strips, microscope slides, pastuer pipettes, dehydrated culture media, pipette tips, disposable surface wipes, cryo tubes, sensitivity discs and more...

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Food and Beverage QA Lab Reagents and Equipment

We supply a wide range of quality reagents, test kits and lab plasticware, some which we manufacture.

We are the technical service partners of Merck (South Africa) providing after-sales technical and applications support on their products. 

We also distribute Merck/ Sigma Aldrich Microbiology Products

In addition, we distribute LiofilChem and Eppendorf lab consumables and equipment.

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