Medical Laboratory Equipment Reagents and Equipment

We supply a wide range of quality reagents, test kits and lab plasticware, some which we manufacture.

We are the exclusive distributors of ELITech Group (BV) in Zimbabwe and we supply their reagents and equipment for Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Diagnostics, Microbiology, Hematology and Sweat tests.
In addition, we are agents for Merck/ Sigma Aldrich and provide reagents and test kits for their Spectroquant Spectrophotometers as well as other reagents for microscopy.

We also distribute LiofilChem and Eppendorf lab consumables and equipment.
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Products for Microscopy

Universal reagents for microscopy, Dyes for microscopy, Products for Bacteriology, Products for Cytology, Products for Hematology, Products for Histology, Neo-products, Immunodetection reagents and instruments for IHC


Elitech Clinical Chemistry

Automated and semi automated analysers: Selectra Pro S, Selectra Pro M, Selectra Pro XL, Microlab 300.
Clinical Chemistry reagents: 
ALT/GPT, Albumin, ALP, Amylase, AST/GOT, Bilirubin Total & Direct, Calcium, Chloride, Cholesterol, Creatinine, Glucose, GT, Iron Ferene, LDH, Lipase, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Protien, Urea, Uric acid, CRP, Ferritin, HbA1c, IGA, Microalbumin (Urine), Orosmucoid, Prealbumin, Rheumatoid Factor, Transferrin, ISE, Calibrators and Controls


Laboratory Consumables/ Labware

We supply laboratory consumables and plasticware such as:
Transport swabs, urine strips, N95 face masks, petri dishes, specimen jars, sharps containers, EDTA/plain/ herparin/ sodium citrate tubes, glucose strips, microscope slides, pastuer pipettes, dehydrated culture media, pipette tips, disposable surface wipes, cryo tubes, sensitivity discs and more...


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