Waste Water, Environmental Analysis Equipment Service (Maintenance & Repair)

We service water analysis equipment to ensure your measurements for sludge or treated waste water conforms accurately to required specifications before release into the environment.


Merck UV/ VIS Spectrophotometers

With personnel trained by Merck, we provide sales and after-sales technical support on Spectroquant Prove UV/VIS Spectrophotometers, Nova, Move Photometers and Colorimeters. Call us for enquiries.


Merck Millipore Labwater Systems

We have Milli Q certified Field Service Engineers to provide onsite professional support for the installation, validation & maintenance of your total water solutions. Call us for enquiries.


Merck Biomonitoring Equipment

We provide after-sales support as well as service plans for Merck Biomonitoring products for bioburden testing, microbial limit testing, water testing, food & beverage sample testing, sterility testing, air monitoring, surface monitoring MAS products. Call us for enquiries.


Merck Thermoreactors

We provide installation, training and after-sales support on Merck Thermoreactors used in the digestion process of the samples  necessary for waste water analysis. Call us for enquiries. 


Merck Microbial and Pathogen Testing

We provide sales and after-sales support of Merck EZ equipment, filtration unit membranes, vacuum pumps for microbial filtration teting. Call us for enquiries.


Merck/ Sigma Aldrich Lab Consumables

We supply lab reagents and consumables for chromatography analysis, culture media, microbial filtration, pH strips, test kits for parameters: ammonium, nitrate, fluoride. Learn more


For any enquiries or questions, please do not hesitate, kindly fill in form and get in touch with us

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