Anaerobic mini gas generating system: Anaerocult® A mini


Gas generator system for the incubation of one to four Petri dishes in an anaerobic atmosphere for the cultivation of obligate and facultative anaerobes.

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Mode of Action
Anaerocult® A mini contains components which chemically bind oxygen quickly and completely, creating an oxygen-free (anaerobic) milieu and a CO2 atmosphere.

Typical Composition
Iron powder
Citric Acid
Sodium Carbonate

The chemical mixture inside the sachet contains free crystalline silica. In case of damage to the sachet do not inhale dust. Repeated inhalations can cause severe harm to health. Contact with eyes may cause irritations.

Experimental Procedure
Place Anaerocult® A mini together with one to four Petridishes and an anaerobiosis indicator Anaerotest®  into a special incubation bag.

See also General Instruction of Use.
Moisten the reaction zone of the Anaerotest® strip with water.
Stick the Anaerotest® strip on to the lid of the inoculated Petridish (the reaction zone must point downwards and hang freely in the open space).
Place Anaerocult® A mini into a special incubation bag.
Moisten Anaerocult® A mini with 8.0ml of water.
Place the Petridishes immediately into the special incubation bag and close with Anaeroclip® or seal with an
ordinary plastic welder (it is advisable to seal with a double weld)*.
The bag must be welded closed approx. 2 cm from the opening.

See expiry date.

Seal tightly and protect from moisture (seal the plastic bag well after removing Anaerocult® A mini)
Recommended storage temperature: +15 °C
« +25°C

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