Anaerobic mini gas generating system: Anaerocult® C


Anaerocult® C is used to generate an oxygen-depleted and CO2-enriched atmosphere in a 2.5litre anaerobe jar for
culturing Campylobacter species and other microorganisms with fastidious requirements (e.g. Neisseria species,
Capnocytophaga species, Eikenella corrodens, Haemophilus speicies). Concentrations of about 8-10 % by volume CO
2 and 5-7 % by volume oxygen are attained.


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Mode of Action
Following addition of 6ml of water a defined quantity of oxygen is chemically bound to the finely distributed iron powder while at the same time CO2 is evolved from sodium carbonate.

Typical Composition
Iron powder
Citric Acid
Sodium Carbonate

The chemical mixture inside the sachet contains free crystalline silica. In case of damage to the sachet do not inhale dust. Repeated inhalations can cause severe harm to health. Contact with eyes may cause irritations.

Experimental Procedure
Anaerocult® C is put into the anaerobic jar
See also General Instruction of Use.
Place the inoculated Petridishes into the anaerobic jar (use dishes
with spacers).
Gently shake an Anaerocult® C bag on the flat of the hand and evenly add 6ml of water to the printed side.
Immediately place the Anaerocult® C bag vertically in the anaerobic jar.
Close the jar tightly and place in the incubator.

See expiry date.
Seal tightly and protect from moisture.
Recommended storage temperature: +15 °C and

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