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Accurate analytic results in UV/VIS and infrared spectroscopy depend on the use of very pure solvents for sample preparation. The Uvasol® solvents range has been specially designed for spectroscopy and other applications requiring solvents of the highest spectral purity. The refinement process allows a greater degree of security in applications and avoids misinterpretation of analytical results caused by traces of UV, IR and fluorescence contamination. Uvasol® solvents offer best UV transmittance. In all specifications the minimum transmittance for 5 typical wavelengths are identified. Furthermore the transmittance is specified in accordance with Reag. Ph Eur and ACS.

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Synonyms MeOH, Hydroxymethane, Methyl alcohol, Carbinol

Product Information
CAS number 67-56-1
EC index number 603-001-00-X
EC number 200-659-6
Hill Formula CH₄O
Chemical formula CH₃OH
Molar Mass 32.04 g/mol
HS Code 2905 11 00
Structure formula Image Structure formula Image
Quality Level MQ100

Application Methanol for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 67-56-1, chemical formula CH₃OH, molar mass 32.04 g/mol.

Physicochemical Information
Boiling point 64.5 °C (1013 hPa)
Density 0.792 g/cm3 (20 °C)
Evaporation number 1.9
Explosion limit 5.5 – 44 %(V)
Flash point 9.7 °C
Ignition temperature 420 °C DIN 51794
Melting Point -98 °C
Vapor pressure 128 hPa (20 °C)
Viscosity kinematic 0.54 – 0.59 mm2/s (20 °C) no data available

Toxicological Information
LD 50 oral LD50 Rat 5628 mg/kg
LD 50 dermal LD50 Rabbit 17100 mg/kg

Safety Information according to GHS
Hazard Pictogram(s) Hazard Pictogram(s)
Hazard Pictogram(s)
Hazard Pictogram(s)
Hazard Statement(s) H225: Highly flammable liquid and vapour.
H301 + H311 + H331: Toxic if swallowed, in contact with skin or if inhaled.
H370: Causes damage to organs.
Precautionary Statement(s) P210: Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking.
P240: Ground/bond container and receiving equipment.
P280: Wear protective gloves/ protective clothing.
P302 + P352: IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water.
P304 + P340: IF INHALED: Remove victim to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing.
P308 + P310: IF exposed or concerned: immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/ physician.
P403 + P233: Store in a well-ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed.
Signal Word Danger
RTECS PC1400000
Storage class 3 Flammable liquids
WGK WGK 2 obviously hazardous to water
Disposal 1
Strongly contaminated halogen-free organic solvents: container A.

Safety Information
Hazard Symbols Hazard SymbolsToxic
Hazard SymbolsFlammable
Categories of danger highly flammable, toxic
R Phrase R 11-23/24/25-39/23/24/25
Highly flammable.Toxic by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed.Toxic: danger of very serious irreversible effects through inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed.
S Phrase S 7-16-36/37-45
Keep container tightly closed.Keep away from sources of ignition – No smoking.Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves.In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (show the label where possible).

Storage and Shipping Information
Storage Store at +5°C to +30°C.

Transport Information
Declaration (railroad and road) ADR, RID UN 1230 , 3 (6.1), II
Declaration (transport by air) IATA-DGR UN 1230 , 3 (6.1), II
Declaration (transport by sea) IMDG-Code UN 1230 , 3 (6.1), II

Purity (GC) ≥ 99.9 %
Evaporation residue ≤ 0.0002 %
Water ≤ 0.01 %
Color ≤ 10 Hazen
Acidity ≤ 0.0002 meq/g
Alkalinity ≤ 0.0002 meq/g
Fluorescence (as quinine at 254 nm) ≤ 1.0 ppb
Fluorescence (as quinine at 365 nm) ≤ 1.0 ppb
Transmission (at 205nm) ≥ 10 %
Transmission (at 210 nm) ≥ 30 %
Transmission (at 220 nm) ≥ 60 %
Transmission (at 230 nm) ≥ 80 %
Transmission (at 240 nm) ≥ 90 %
Transmission (at 250 nm) ≥ 95 %
Transmission (from 260 nm) ≥ 98 %
Absorbance (at 205nm) ≤ 1.00
Absorbance (at 210 nm) ≤ 0.52
Absorbance (at 220 nm) ≤ 0.22
Absorbance (at 230 nm) ≤ 0.10
Absorbance (at 240 nm) ≤ 0.05
Absorbance (at 250 nm) ≤ 0.02
Absorbance (from 260 nm) ≤ 0.01
Meet the requirements of “Specific use spectroscopy” according ACS and Reag. Ph Eur

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500ml, 2.5 Litres


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