Pasteur Pipettes, Glass Non Sterile [250pc/Box]


Supplied with two PVC teats in each pack

• Made of soda lime glass, soda lime glasss with cerium or borosilicate glass

Available on backorder

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Glass Pasteur Pipettes are precision made from carefully selected tubing on fully automatic machines ensuring total uniformity of production. Tips and tapers are centred and can be checked by rolling the pipettes on a flat surface. Length and taper of the tips are carefully controlled.

Constrictions for plugging are neatly formed at a uniform distance from the fire polished end. Constrictions are heat formed which avoids weaknesses or contamination of the glass found when moulding or tooling processes are used (ISO7712).

Glass Pasteur Pipettes are made with a slightly heavier wall thickness to provide the best quality product allied to greater strength to give lower breakages during transit and reduced risk of breakage in use or when fitting PVC teats. Glass Pasteur Pipettes are available either plain, plugged with non-absorbent roving or pre-plugged and sterilised by vacuum autoclaving at 134°C.



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