Brila Broth Brilliant Green Bile, 500g


For the selective enrichment, enumeration and confirmation of Escherichia coli and other
faecal coliform organisms from food and animal feed, water and other materials.

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Mode of Action
This medium contains brilliant green and bile as the inhibitory agents for Grampositive organisms and lactose as carbon source, which is dissimilated rapidly by the coli-aerogenes group, mostly by the heterofermentative pathway, leading to gas formation.
It is now common practice to carry out preliminary MPN tests using a less selective
medium such as Lauryl Sulfate broth acc. ISO 4831 and FDA‑BAM (article number 1.10266.0500) and confirm any tube showing a positive reaction by subculture to BRILA broth. The medium is also used for confirmation after poured plating with Violet Red Bile Lactose agar acc. ISO 4832 and FDA‑BAM.

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