VRB Agar (Violet Red Bile Agar)


Selective agar proposed by DAVIS (1951) for the detection and enumeration of coliform bacteria including E. coli in
water, milk, ice-cream, meat and other foodstuffs.

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This medium complies with the recommendations of the American Public Health Association (1992), the International Dairy Federation FIL-IDF (Internationaler Milchwirtschaftsverband 1985), the Institute for Food Technology and Packaging (Institut für Lebenmitteltechnologie und Verpackung) (1974) and
the EUROGLACE (KLOSE 1968 a, b).

Mode of Action
Crystal violet and bile salts inhibit growth primarily of the Grampositive accompanying bacterial flora. Degradation of lactose to acid is indicated by the pH indicator neutral red, which changes its colour to red, and by precipitation of bile acids.

Typical Composition (g/litre)
Peptone from meat 7.0; yeast extract 3.0; sodium chloride 5.0; lactose 10.0; neutral red 0.03; bile salt mixture 1.5; crystal voilet 0.002; agar-agar 13.0.

Suspend 39.5 g in 1 litre of demin. water and heat to boiling with frequent stirring until completely dissolved. Afterwards do not boil more than 2 minutes. Do not autoclave. Do not overheat!
pH: 7.4 ± 0.2 at 25 °C.
The prepared medium is clear and dark-red.

Experimental Procedure and Evaluation
Culture medium is usually inoculated by the pour-plate procedure.
Incubation: 24 ± 2hours at 30 ± 1 °C (IDF-FIL) respectively according to recommended procedures.

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Escherichia coli
ATCC 11775

Appearance of Colonies Microorganisms
Red, surrounded by reddish
precipitation zones, diameter
1-2 mm
Lactose-positive Enterobacte
riaceae: coliform bacteria, E.
Pink pin-point colonies Enterococci, possibly Klebsiella
Colourless Lactose-negative Enterobacte



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