Anaerotest® for microbiology, 50 strips


ANAEROTEST® is an indicator strip of anaerobic atmosphere.

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Mode of Action
The blue oxidized form of the dye methylene blue is converted in oxygen-free (anaerobic) medium into the (colourlesss) leucomethylene blue. In the presence of oxygen the reduced leucobase passes again into the oxidized form (blue).

Typical Composition
Methylene blue – Reducing agent – Stabilizer.

Experimental Procedure
The indicator is used together with Anaerocult® A in the anaerobic jar, with Anaerocult® A mini (SKU:ZA.001.992) for 1-4 Petridishes and with Anaerocult® P (ZA.001.994) using just one Petridish. Anaerocult® IS is placed in the special incubation bag together with the agar identification system or 1-2 microtitre plates and the anaerobiosis indicator Anaerotest®. Of course Anaerotest® can also be used with other anaerobiosis systems.

See also General Instruction of Use.
Moisten the reaction zone with one drop of distilled water and put Anaerotest® into the anaerobic jar.
When using Anaerocult®, Anaerocult® IS, Anaerocult® A mini and
Anaerocult® P draw exact instructions from the respective package inserts.

In an anaerobic atmosphere the reaction zone is decolourized
after 4-6 hours (change of colour from blue to white).

See expiry date.

Store dry and tightly closed.
Store at +15°C to +25°C.
Only remove the number of sticks required at the time!
Do not touch the reaction zones of the test sticks!
Close containers tightly again at once!

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