Malt Extract 500g


Malt Extract is used as nutritive substrate in mycological media for the propagation of yeasts and moulds and test
strains in vitamin assays.

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Mode of Action
Malt extract is the water-soluble portion of malted barley.
It contains a high content of reduced sugars and to a lesser extend nitrogeneous constituents. The carbohydrates comprises mainly the disaccharide maltose and fractions of hexoses such as glucose and fructose, the disaccharide sucrose and other carbohydrates. The nitrogenous components include peptides,amino acids purines and vitamins. Malt extract favours the sporulation of moulds such as Aspergillus and Penicillium.

Typical Analysis

Colour powder Brownish yellow
Colour in solution yellow-beige
pH (2% in water) 4.0-6.0
Loss on drying (105 °C) <5%
Sulfated ash (800 °C) <3%


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